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Wood Flooring by Atco CarpetChoosing The Right Wood Floor For You

Hardwood floors have been a traditional favorite as a flooring selection for many years.  Wood floors are now being installed in every room and location of the home, like the kitchen, bath, and basement.


Solid – These planks, or strips, are one solid piece of wood, milled right from the tree.  They are generally ¾" thick, however new technology in milling is allowed for a 5/16" thickness as well.  The most commonly recognized width is 2 ¼", but solid planks also come in widths from 1 ½" strips to 7" wide boards.  Generally these floors are always nailed down to a wood sub floor that is on, or above grade.

Engineered – These floors have several plies of various hardwoods that are laminated together.  By cross-graining the plies, engineered wood floors become very stable so they do not expand and contact like solid products.  Engineered floors can be installed on any grade level of the home; below grade, on grade, or above grade.  Installation options for these floors are nail down, staple down, glue down, or float with most engineered wood flooring.

Parquet – Comes in many unique patterns, but generally thought of as a 12"x12" square.  Six 1" fillets are assembled into 6"x6" squares and then four of these are quarter-turned to make the 12"x12" square.  Parquets are for glue down installations, either on grade, or above grade.


Strip flooring - usually 2 1/4 ”, 1 1/2 ”, or 3 1/4 ” width.
- creates a linear effect in a room, often promoting the allusion of a larger space.

Plank flooring - common widths are 3 ”, 4 ”, 5 ” and 6 ”.
- often preferred for a more traditional or country decor

Parquet flooring - usually a series of wood pieces that create a geometric design.
- offers a variety of design options


Solid flooring - All wood flooring that is one piece of wood from top to bottom is considered solid wood.

- your choice of species, stains, and finishes
- customize with borders, medallions, corner treatments
- in most cases, a nail down product to exterior grade plywood
- ground level or above

Engineered flooring - usually available in 3 or 5 ply. It is a wood flooring product that consists of layers of wood pressed together, with grains running in different directions.

- perfect where solid wood may not be suitable
- more dimensionally stable than solid wood
- less movement with fluctuation in temperature and humidity
- many different species and colors available
- latest technology in floor finishes

Acrylic impregnated flooring - process where acrylics are injected into the wood itself, creating a super hard, extremely durable floor.

- available in solid parquet and engineered strip and plank
- commercial installations
- durable in high traffic areas and high activity